18 July 2017

Vision Hopper Wader 1

        I  do not know what's changed in the company Vison but the product quality grew enormously, leaving behind other heavy industry names . Lines like Vision Bottom Expres , Vibe 65 or Vision Slide for double-hand beat famous brands who spend money on advertisement not in research.

  • Lightweight 4 – layer construction
  • Waterproof and breathable F3 fabric
  • A large pocket with three sections laminated inside with a water resistant YKK Aquaguard zipper
  • Matching color belt and braces with olive green details
  • D-rigs & accessory loops
  • Traditional flip pocket with a zipper
  • Built-in gravel guards
  • Neoprene feet with left and right side design
  • Drying loops 
    Light and well-structured with functional pockets provides plenty of space for accessories.Incorporates all the normal goodies such as matching color belt and braces, built-in gravel guards and drying loops. Inside poket has a adhesive kit for quick  repair and nice transport net . The Vision Hopper waders are really affordable and still have the function of more expensive waders. This was the first part for my new waders . Second part will be on the river in real condition especially when I practice the dwarf . You can find the product at a promotional price right here : https://flyfishingoutlet.ro/waders-and-boots/waders/vision-hopper-waders 
         Disclaimer : Nobody is pay me for this . It`s just my opinion of my favorites product .

17 July 2017


   Hot days are annoying me and chub are totally  indifferent , not responding to my presentation , in that green-brown water . I talk about big chub not little ones.I would normally wear waders but it is sucide , opting for shorts and wet buff it`s a little better . Drink water - change flies - drink water - change whatever you think - fish - drink water.